The Trip


Red Rock Canyon

We finally did it.  Team Moose went on that often talked  about but never materialized hiking/ biking vacation.  To the bottom of the Grand Canyon, through the Hoo-Doos in Bryce, and The Narrows in Zion followed by riding parts of the Hoo Doo 500,  RAAM, Trans Am Bike Race, and Natchez Trace routes. Needless to say our legs are trashed but we are already planning for Road Trip 2.

 Just as in any adventure there are lots of lessons learned and this trip was no exception.  Below are some of our after biking thoughts: Continue reading

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Cruzbikes are Simply amazing

smileyhillvstand2The Cruzbike is truly an amazing bicycle.   The best traits are taken from the recumbent and traditional diamond frame bike designs and  blended together making it a uniquely fast, efficient, and comfortable ride.  From my optic it makes for the perfect randonneur bike.

When one first sees the unique front wheel drive moving bottom bracket associated with the Cruzbike it seems like a bit over the top.  But a closer look will reveal the genius in the design.  When the Cruzbike is parked in its self-standing mode you can easily see the  front of a cruzbike is identical to the drive train on a traditional diamond frame bicycle.   Now add a recumbent seat and a rear wheel and you get the best from both worlds.   A short chain line and stiff frame of the traditional bike and the comfort and aerodynamics of the racing recumbent.  Team Moose is on the Cruzbike train and not looking back.

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I haven’t forgotten but at least the sting had faded — at least until today. A package arrived from Paris. It contained the PBP 18th edition magazine along with the official 2015 video. Blatantly missing was the medal for those successfully completing the ride. I didn’t bother to look at the pages listing the results, including my DNF.  Are these guys trying to rub it in? But the video was pretty good. This year they used a drone and have some excellent fly overs. I was even able to pick out a good sleeping spot for 2019 when I hope to try again.


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New word in the Lexicon a “Tarzan.”

He did it! On January 9th Kurt Searvogel (Tarzan) set a new world’s record for the most miles ridden in a day.  He rode 76,076 mile over a 365 day period breaking Tommy Godwin’s 78-year-old record by 1,000 miles.  I have enjoyed following the trials and tribulations of Kurt and his wife Alicia this  year.  tarzan

This whole “most miles in a year” thing simply blows my mind.  Tommy Godwin’s 1939 record  was described as an “unbreakable record”. Riding  75,065 miles in a single year meant Tommy averaged 206 miles every day for a year.  Every day!  This feat even added a new word to the cyclists’ lexicon.  In ultra racing the word is known as  a “Godwin” meaning a distance of 206 miles.   Well, it looks like there is a new word needed in the ultra racing community.  This would be a “Tarzan”.  This is Tarzan’s daily average over the year.  To earn a “Tarzan” one simply has to ride 208 miles in one session.

So is this year’s mileage thing over for another 78 years.  Not hardly.  Even as we speak Steve Abraham of Great Britain is out there every day with a plan to break Kurt’s record.  Yes, this is the same Steve who was hit by a moped breaking his ankle and realistically ending his first attempt at the record. He restarted the challenge on 8 August and is giving it another spirited attempt. His goal is to beat Kurt by over a 1000 miles.  Then there’s  Bruce Berkeley, a Kiwi who started the challenge on January 1. Steve is another capable rider who has an impressive long distance palmares.  Time will  tell if they can hold up day after day.  But right now Kurt s the undisputed King of the jungle and Team Tarzan deserves a grand toast!



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Team Moose tackles the Tubeless tale

You hear it everywhere.  “Tubeless tires are simply too hard to mount and don’t hold the air once mounted.”  This is a myth and deserves four Pinocchios. But what can you do to to dispel the outright “pants on fire”  lie?  Here it is — the science is finally settled.   Here’s a  video of a tubeless road tire being mounted on a rim from start to finish by a novice.  This uncut raw video finally puts the naysayers in their place.  After all, if I can do it, anyone can.

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Time for change

The new year is going to see some major changes to Team Moose.  We have already started it off by giving Moose a face lift.  I believe the new look adds some sophistication by combining speed and style.  The redesigned saddle blanket featuring incremental stripes and the Cruzbike logo has him totally in sync with his cousin, the soon to be fielded 2016  V20 Cruzbike Vendetta.  Stay tuned more to  come.



2016 Team Moose saddle blanket

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Tubeless in Seattle

photo-(47)Ok, Team Moose is not really in Seattle but that title is too good to pass up.  However, we are  tubeless and darn proud of it.   It has been almost a year since I wrote this about Tubeless tires. It is time for an update. Continue reading

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