Long Lonesome Road

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Dogs in the dark

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Have the grit but not the game

The train ran off the tracks in Gainesville during the 600K qualifier.  The bottom line is my recurring heat issue resurfaced and I went down at the 180-mile mark.  Connie made it to the 250-mile rest area but the night deprivation took its toll and she abandoned here.

There is no pity party going on at team Moose Hq.  We are re-evaluating and will be up and running again soon.  Wait!  Is that a Georgia 600 K coming up in May?  Stay tuned.

600k small

Mile 98 on the banks of the Suwannee River. All is well.

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Full Speed Ahead


Keep working the 600K is coming soon

Zwift is a wonderful tool allowing one the flexibility to keep the exercise train moving forward.  After yesterday’s Team Moose outdoor ride.  We wondered aloud where we would be in our training plan had we not discovered Zwift and fortunate enough to have Peak Form Coaching provide the coaching.  The answer, of course, is nowhere near where we are today.

The PBP excitement is growing as more and more PBP  posts are surfacing on the web. Posts from around the world highlighting rider’s preparations for the August finale.     If you haven’t already, take the time to enjoy the short video below by Damon Peacock, a renowned PBP filmmaker. He reviews PBP material from 2007, 2011, and 2015.

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One step closer

A good weekend all around.  The Gainesville 400K went over without any major hitches and it looks like the PBP registration process will have room for those who rode at least one Brevet last year.  It’s happening.control Perfect weather and the 400Km Brevet is in the books.  One more to go.


The Suwannee River. Where the old folks play.


80F weather with lots of shady back roads made for a great Brevet.

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Gaining ground

IMG_0448Now that Team Moose has successfully navigated through the Pre-registration process  preparations have started again.  A new Garmin mount has the 130 Edge out of the wind where it is also much easier to read.  Now we are looking for ways to get the lighting sytem out from on the end of the boom where it currently slightly blocks our view.  Construction of the all important custom designed Team Moose shipping boxes is in progress while we still need to get moving on the passports.

Things are going well, but we have a long, long way to go.  The Peak Form Training is producing results well beyond our expectations. This is what Pro Racer Jordan Cheyne stated in his latest Zwift Insider update:


Which of course is music to all of us riding on the “darkside”.  Read his entire report here.


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It’s a Go



Slots remaining as of 25 February:


Looks like Team moose  has officially preregistered.  We even made the 90 hour departures.  We were expecting to go the 84 hour route until the new slots opened up.  This is not only good news for us but at the present time the 300 km sign ups are not as many as expected. This is very good news for the upcoming 200K hopefuls.  My guess is there will be enough slots for all the 2018 200k riders as well as several hundred for the open registration.  Good news indeed.

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