The decision is made.  I’ve the funds and time for one major ride next year.  I had to choose between the Hoo-Doo 500, TransAmerica, and Paris-Brest-Paris.  The Hoo-Doo was knocked out early when I was unable to convince a group to race in the three-day stage race.  The TransAmerica was appealing due to the fact it may be the perfect Randonneur style ride in this new era of wimpy figure eight comfy-styled Rando routes. Why was the TransAm knocked out of the running?  Well,  because 4268 miles is a long, long, way when its a non-supported, non-comfy Rando route. Besides it comes again every year. I can wait.

The major hit on the PBP is I’ve been there, done that.  How silly is that?  An easy decision.  With a little luck, Paris here I come.  The greatest randonneur ride in the world — not because of the geography, not because of the difficulty, but because it’s five thousand plus like-minded cyclists from around the world trekking along a route of enthusiastic fans. These communities “get it” and they have been “getting it” for over a hundred years.

roadpbp450I’m getting old so the training plan is simple. It will consist of riding miles in the wonderful back roads of Georgia. How cool is that? No need for a Herculean effort. Simply be able to stay on the Cruz Moose for 16 hours a day cruising around 15 mph. A little faster and you get more breaks. A little slower and you ride a little farther.

turtle400No longer a Rookie, I no longer fear the physical aspects of PBP. I know the qualifying process will let you know if you are not ready. The hardest part of PBP is having the time to qualify, the costs, and getting to Paris with your bike. I’m all over it, been saving for the last four years. The current challenge is to fit the Cruz Moose into a regular sized suitcase while weighing less than a total of 50 pounds. This will not only save some airline fees but make mobility much easier en route. This might fall into the “too hard box” but I have an idea and a case is on the way. Knock on wood and let’s see what happens.

The PBP is not just about the ride, it’s the whole process . The wait, prep, qualifying, and the celebration in Paris. Game on, get going.

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