Is the Apidura Pack the long sought after solution?

Carrying gear on a short wheel base recumbent (SWB) is difficult. I have found it especially difficult on the Cruz Moose but perhaps the Apidura pack is the solution. The Apidura mid-pack is holding everything needed for a PBP type trip in one nicely wrapped package. In fact way more room than I need for a sleeping bag, clothes, rain gear, and tools. The pack is designed for the seat post of a diamond frame bike but so far it is working very well on the Silvio. More miles will tell. pack pack2

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2 Responses to Is the Apidura Pack the long sought after solution?

  1. duncanwatson says:

    That is very interesting. How is it attached?


    • trplay says:

      The velcro straps wrap around the head rest posts. It does need a better attachment method. I like the system but it isn’t ideal. The main problem is having to dig through it to find anything. A major hassle. Cruzbike is developing a pack called the “Quiver”. I would wait to see what they have before buying anything. Also I have designed some Moose Pockets that will compliment the Apidura or any other back pack. Should have a post on it in the near future. A good Pack continues to be a pain for me.


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