Is this another Team Moose folly?

I hate the dad-gum airlines and their unreasonable bike transport rules.  I’ll do almost anything to escape paying their exuberant bike transport fees. The worst part of PBP preparation is getting your bike to Paris. I suppose the easiest way is to use one of those hard cased bike containers and pay the extortion fees charged by the airlines. But not so fast! First, I’ll spend three times the amount looking for a way to beat those crooks.
Here’s the current plan, fit a full-sized, non-coupled, recumbent with two 700cc sized wheels into an airline compliant sized suitcase then run it through the check-in camouflaged as regular baggage. To be successful it must not exceed 62 inches when combining measurements length, width, & depth. Total weight can not exceed 50 pounds.  In essence fit Cruz Moose in the suitcase below.
silviobox2silvioopenboxNot an easy thing to do. Not only is there a space problem but the weight is going to be close, very close. The good news is both wheels fit inside. The possible bad news is if the frame fits it will be by millimeters. This leaves very little room for the rest of the bike. Finding out if it can be done requires a complete bike break-down. Even if it fits, once in Paris this still means there is a lot of room for problems during assembly. Perhaps even a bigger problem is it requires additional special tools to be packed.  This adds more weight when there isn’t any room for additional weight.  Stay tuned, Plan A is a bit shaky.  If you have a Plan B Team Moose is all ears.

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4 Responses to Is this another Team Moose folly?

  1. gasman06 says:

    If you had one of those danged stick bikes you could fit it in a snowboard case and carry the wheels and tools in the suitcase!


    • trplay says:

      They changed the rules, snowboard cases are now charged, besides thats two bags, I could do that now. The goal is to not give the crooks a nickel for baggage. Thanks for the input though.


  2. Eric Keller says:

    so your plan is to carry everything else in carry on baggage? Is that a regular, commercially available suitcase, or is it one of the S&S cases? I went looking for a suitcase that was airline max size, but I never found one.

    I have seen people recommend wheels with a low number of spokes so that it’s easier to fit things in the case. I would be amazed if that will fit, keep us posted.


    • trplay says:

      Yes that is the plan. I did this in 2011 and it worked. That year they allowed you to count your oversized bike baggage as your only checked bag as long as it didn’t exceed 50 pounds. This year they don’t allow the bag to be over 62 inches or over 50 pounds. Finding a bag max size and shaped to handle two 700cc wheels is tough. The S&S soft shell 26x26x10 is the best one I have seen but is too pricey for me.


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