It fits and here’s how!

Well what do you know?  I broke down the Cruz-Moose and the frame fit into the case with room to spare.  This was the hard part, now I’m certain the rest of the bike will fit inside.  The packing foam is ordered and the next step is  to custom position each piece in its own layer of foam.  Fitting a complete recumbent bike in one standard case is a major accomplishment.  Now I can move on with fine tuning the task.

silviofitThe Silvio 2.0 frame fits like a glove into a 26×26 case.  All earlier Silvio models should fit with even more room since their frames are more upright than the 2.0s’.  Cruzbike Vendetta owners should beware their bikes may not fit because of the shallower seat angle.  It becomes obvious that the major break down issue is the cables.  I’ll fix this with a rear brake  cable noodle and some in-line disconnects.  I am stoked.  It is normally not this easy.   Am I missing something?



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