A Travelin’ Moose

travel-boardThe Cruz Moose is an amazing recumbent. The little critter is made to travel. Not only does he pack compactly into a suitcase for the long haul, the Moose will jump into the back of my Honda Element with
minimal effort leaving plenty of room to spare.  It’s Perfect for those one day or overnight trips. You simply need a travel board such as the one pictured above. This is how it works.  Place the bike in the front wheel restrainer.  Now pop off your rear wheel and place it in the rear wheel restrainer (remember the Moose is a front wheel drive).   Slip your drops into the locking skewer, and snug it up. Slide your bike into  the vehicle. I use the rolling sticks under the board to get a rolling effect. Remove the sticks and secure the travel board to the tie-downs. Your bike will hold steady and arrive at the event  ready for cruz’in.  Reverse the steps and in under a minute you are ready to go.

insideNot only is this fast and easy as you can see in the photo on the right there is plenty of room for any other gear requirements you might have. I believe this system will easily hold three Silvios if one were to have the requirement.                      Another nice feature is the ability to place the board on the tail gate and use it as a work bench or cleaning table.  tailgateThe more I ride this bike the more I like it. It has the best attributes of both diamond frames and recumbents and blends them together, turning it into a very versatile and proficient ride.  Go Moose!

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3 Responses to A Travelin’ Moose

  1. Andrew Koros says:

    Very nice idea! I think I will try the same for my bikes!


  2. Abbott Smith says:

    Looks like a great setup for getting my Vendetta V20 into the back of my pick up more efficiently. Thanks for the ideas on both this and the Moose Pockets.


    • trplay says:

      Yes, great idea! A set up in a pick-up would work even better than my Element. Come up with some snazzy rollers and a way to easily and quickly anchor the base and you have a winner. Don’t forget to turn it into a work table off the back of the tail gate! Please send photos once you git er done.


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