If it fits it ships?

silviobox2It’s official.  The Cruz Moose will fit into the newly purchased suitcase and it will do it with relative ease.  In fairness, the case is slightly wider than the airline regulation by two inches.  I chose a 26x26x12 inch suitcase simply because this model was on clearance sale while the 10 inch wide cases were already liquidated.   I’m willing to take the risk with the airlines using the slightly over-sized case .   I know of several  people who travel using the 12-inch wide cases with their coupling diamond frame bikes without any challenges regarding size at check-in.  For those who are less of a risk taker the Cruzbike should fit into the narrower 10 inch wide case.  Width was not a problem.

layers12layer3The bike is basically stored in three separate layers inside the case.   The layers are separated with 0ne-inch CD30 packing foam.    The top layer contains the seat, cushion, wheel, and the crank arm.  The tire is slightly inflated to wedge against the sides so the first layer remains in place when the case is opened.  The crank arm is positioned so the axle will slide through the second layer without causing damage to any wheel spokes.

The second layer’s major components are the second wheel and boom with the bottom bracket assembly.

The third layer contains the frame and remaining parts.  The handlebar assembly was the key to making this work.  It is placed parallel to the leading edge of the case where the hood part of the handlebar expands into the second layer.  It is shaped where it provides a nice cradle for the second tire at the two corners of the case.

Now for the bad news.   Even though the bike fits in the case and provides excellent protection, I do have reservations flying with the bike.  The major fear is TSA employees inspecting the bike and then forcing the parts back into the case carelessly.  This could cause major spoke damage and something Ipacked cannot control and something I will have to think about for a while.  Right now it’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

There you have it.  A complete Silvio 2.0 inside a single case weighing in at 46 pounds. To my knowledge this is the only stock recumbent sporting two 700 sized tires that will fit into a case this size.  If there are other models I would love to hear about them.   The CruzMoose is truly a unique and amazing bicycle.  Now time to get ready for my first qualifier on 31 January in Gainesville, Florida.  See you there.

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5 Responses to If it fits it ships?

  1. Little Foot says:

    Man, I need to get with the program. I’ve missed a bunch of Moose updates. Looking forward to cheering you on in Gainesville!


  2. Keith Kohan says:

    If you are worried about your wheels you can put them in a separate case designed to carry wheels. That’s what I did for PBP 2011. Our Reynolds T-Bone frames went in a ski case and the wheels went in a Tri-All 3 wheel case. The wheels simply drop into the case with no additional padding necessary. It is small enough to simply go as a piece of luggage.


    • trplay says:

      That is a good solution for some but my goal is to fit the entire bike in one case and it weigh under 50 pounds to save the expense of additional bags or charges.


  3. Andy says:

    Beautiful bike! Where did you get that seatpad?


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