The Qualifying process begins

My first PBP qualifier is coming up this weekend. I’m not ready but should be able to slog through this first one. The qualifying process really is well thought out and very civil. They start the first rides off fairly docile and gently increase the difficulty as the distances increase. This weekends route is showncycling cat below. The plan is to use my basic Garmin 200 and follow the breadcrumb trail with alerts to get around the course. The idea is to use this basic GPS (and a second unit if needed) in Paris.   That is if I have enough room to load all the PBP legs on them. I’ll use an external battery power source to keep them running throughout the 1200K. Not sure if this is doable but I’ll know before the qualifying process is complete. Any tips from the GPS gurus’ will be greatly appreciated.
Clicking on the map will link you to RWGPS where you can download the route. Beware use at your on risk, accuracy has not been verified!

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2 Responses to The Qualifying process begins

  1. Bill Russell says:

    You won’t need a navigational device at PBP. For one thing, the entire course is well arrowed. For another, there will always be other riders to follow.


  2. trplay says:

    I can validate your comment as I went sans any device the last PBP. I have a history of distaste for electronic gadgets (see LINK However, it would be helpful to know your, speed , time, etc. and the garmin 200 is such a tiny and reliable device.


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