Moose’s Marvelous Musings

moose-across-pondAll is well in Mooseland.  Ms. Daisy is up and running on the streets of Bleckley and I might add high-stepping all the way.  Those not aware, Daisy suffered catastrophic damages a few weeks ago when a chain malfunction pulled the derailleur  through the spokes.  In the end this ended up requiring a  new wheel,  derailleur, chain, mid-idler repair, and front sprockets.  Ouch!   She picked up a new Tubeless One tire to round out the repairs making this one sweet fix.

Speaking about Tubeless tires,  the new Ones arrived yesterday.  The intent was to replace the wore out set currently on Cruz Moose  for this weekends 200K.   Unfortunately they arrived too late, I am packed and ready, not willing to make any last minute changes so I’ll just run with what I got.  Hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the end.

feed-yardbirdsAnd finally, thank goodness for the Brits!  During what is generally a slow cycling time of year they have managed to brighten up my days.  If you haven’t been following the One Year Time Trial race you are missing out.  More specifically the YACF board based in the Old country.  I think the mad cow disease has gotten to them.  It is absolutely insane.  These posters are  tracking Tarzan’s every move issuing innuendo of cheating, mileage fudging, UCMA conspiracies, and wild speculation on his preparedness.  Meanwhile they speak of their riders “purity” and British sportsmanship.  Granted there are some a great many reasonable  posters there and an excellent source to follow the race but the real entertainment lies with these yardbirds.  Good reading if you have time to check it out.  Meanwhile Yardbirds beware as Tarzan runs through the jungle.

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