Roll the dice pay the price but for the Brits it’s just plain unfair

Team Moose is feeling a little down

Team Moose is feeling a little down

It was a sad day in the long distance biking world.  On 29 March I pulled a Did Not Finish (DNF) in the Dublin, Ga. 600K. At the same time over the pond Steve Abraham was hit by a moped jeopardizing his attempt to set a world record for the most miles ridden in a year.  My DNF is understandable. I knew I needed a 400K before trying for the final qualifier but I rolled the dice for

convenience since this ride went right through my hometown.  Well it didn’t work out. Not only was I not physically ready, the freezing temperatures during the night-time portion of the ride cooked my goose. My PBP aspirations are pretty much toast, I’ll have to step back for a re-look.  A real bummer since the PBP is in my mind the best riding experience available to an amateur bike rider.  Time will tell but it may not be all bad.  This leaves me with a sizable amount of expendable cash.  Maybe I’ll use it to get those eyes fixed?

Jolly good show mate

Jolly good show mate

My minor dilemma is self inflicted and it’s OK.  But over the pond it is just simply unfair.  Steve Abraham was well on the way to setting a world record. His support team, planning, and execution were unrivaled.  Besides this he is a real gentleman, ambassador to cycling, and overall good guy. Steve’s performance at this point left  no doubt he had the stamina and fortitude to get the job done (16888 miles so far).  Following the daily progress between Steve and rival rider Tarzan provided great entertainment for us mortal bike nuts.  Then it happens.  A drunk on a moped slams into Steve breaking his ankle and most likely ending this year’s attempt. He will sort this out over the next few days.  If it is over don’t be surprised to  see a quick recovery and Steve starting all over.  Thats not all bad. He will no longer have Tarzan chasing him as he becomes the chaser. Rock on Steve, Get well soon.

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