Moose goes postal

Moose has been down in the dumps ever since this weekend’s failed attempt at the Dublin 600K. In fact, he has refused to talk to me since Sunday. Today I thought a good chain waxing might cheer him up. So out to the garage I went and wham Moose just went off. He charged me in a wild rage exposing his large chain ring in defiance. In self-defense I had to give him a whack with a club. I hit him hard, squarely below the belt around the bottom bracket, right between the bearings to neutralize the feistiness in the little feller.

This reduced the hostility considerably and we were then able to sit down and have a good Mano-a-Mano Moose talk. Yes, I let Moose down by using crappy lights and running off the road into the bushes clogging my cleats so the shoes refused to clip on properly. Yes, I had mistakenly used the wrong cassette and worse failed to notice the gearing wasn’t shifting into an already under geared cassette. Yes, something lower than 50X24 would have been better for climbing. He continued to bomb blast me on everything from nutrition to navigation. Finally after complaining about the ugly scratch incurred by the bike rack that took him off the course Moose calmed 1
He was simply venting as he thought the DNF was the end of the PBP journey. After all now we needed two more qualifiers, two more travel periods, while the budget nor time supports these requirements. Well, I told Moose that this is not necessarily correct. The bike Gods have provided us another door to the PBP. The Harbeth Bike Club in Nashville is offering a solution in a few weeks. It’s pretty simple, all we have to do is ride their 400K brevet over the hilliest parts of the Natchez Trace and then the next day ride the 600K over the same but longer route. Essentially ride a 1000K and get a two for one, costs and trip time. Back in the game. Now where’s that touch up paint?

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3 Responses to Moose goes postal

  1. gasman06 says:

    It would appear to me that the Moose has more reason to whack you with the club than you whacking him. I did check my schedule though and I will not be abe to make the Nashville ride. I am teaching on both the Tuesday and Wednesday. We will get together for another adventure at another time though. Remember though, use the 28 teeth gearing, you might even think of lower gearing than that since you are riding back to back. Make sure you eat this time and even though it is in April, take some cold weather gear with you.


  2. Little Foot says:

    1000k? Sure. Easy peasy! Good luck Moose!


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