Moose Pockets What do you think?

It is pretty typical to see diamond frame riders load down their old styled bikes with packs and panniers mule train style. I’m looking for something more updated to match the modern design of the Cruz Moose. Moose Pockets is my latest attempt to add storage space to the Silvio. The hope is to maintain the elegant design of this modern road bike. donkeyThe concept is to use the empty space under the seat and keep the smooth lines of the bike. The first try has come up very promising.  The lines of the bike are not compromised by the Moose Pockets and their placement do not appear to cause any additional drag. The amount of storage space will vary by making the cylinder bigger or smaller when first sewing it together.  I choose a size that is just big enough to include extra water bottles. The front of the pockets are bolted to the existing seat bolts while industrial velcro is running the entire length of the seat.


Click on images to enlarge.

The back is connected behind the neck rest frame with a velcro strap. This provides an easy on/off  capability and results in a very stable attachment. Unlike the traditional “brain box” storage, the center of gravity is not at the highest point of the bike. Since these Pockets are lower and between the two wheels I’m hoping it is positioned better from a handling perspective.


Dual Moose Pockets ready for action.


View from rear. Note you can still add rear storage box if you like.

It’s early but so far this is looking like a winner. Having different compartments allows me to quickly and easily find the item I need. This is a big problem with my current storage systems.

So how much space did I get?  Enough to carry a complete change of clothes, a rain jacket, 2 pumps, tools, tubes and tires.  I even have a compartment for my Brevet card. All in all I was very pleased.  What am I missing?


Impressive storage capability discreetly positioned.

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One Response to Moose Pockets What do you think?

  1. Little Foot says:

    I’m impressed! That a lot of stuff in a small space.


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