No go in Nashville

The long ride home

The long ride home.

This week the Team Moose journey to Paris ended unceremoniously along the Natchez Trace.  This was my last chance at qualifying for the PBP.    The bottom line is I just didn’t get it done.  I  finished the 400K over the time limit.   There is no need for a pity party. Team Moose is   already scheming for the future.

On another subject,  words such as awesome, unbelievable and such are often times over used but here’s one place you can use them and not be exaggerating.

Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace is truly a world class venue for bicycle touring.  It is an exemplary example of how the automobile and cyclists can blend together.  Four hundred forty-two miles without a single stop sign or red light.  Commercial vehicles are banned while the vehicle speed limits are between 45-50 mph.  Maintained restrooms with potable water line the route almost every 15-20 miles.  I can go on but there are plenty of resources that can give you the scoop.  Google “Natchez Trace”  and you’ll get the idea.  A route every serious cyclist should travel.

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4 Responses to No go in Nashville

  1. colin adendorff says:

    Moose, I was there. Sorry to hear of the DNF. I made it back in 25. Weather almost got me too. But it was either keep going and live or stop and die from hypothermia.


  2. trplay says:

    Thanks, yep the cold got me right after the rain.


  3. gasman06 says:

    Sorry to hear Trplay! It was an aggressive plan. I realize it involves time and money but NC both groups have May and June 400 and 600 K’s.


  4. trplay says:

    Thanks gasman. I’ve had time to mope now and will be off to Virginia this weekend for another 400K. If all goes well there I can do the Ga. 600 on May 23 and be in like Flint (remember that guy?). Decided I’m not going to stop, money be damned. If I don’t get to the PBP it will be because they won’t let me in due to not qualifying, not because I quit along the Natchez Trace. I’m still in the game.


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