Virginia is for lovers- Tidewater 400K Brevet

Team Moose is still alive. Yes, I know I said it ended after the disgrace on the Trace. At that time I really thought we were done, but the thought of quitting while there was still a chance to qualify was eating away on my Rando soul. Moose said let’s go to Virginia. There’s a 400K in Suffolk that’s supposed to be pretty good. So off we went, and yes we did. A 400K is now successfully in the book.
The Tidewater 400K is a super Brevet starting in Suffolk, Virginia, and looping south into North Carolina before returning home to Suffolk. It has a nice mix of flats and hills but the main attraction is the quaint back roads of Virginia. Even the dogs were well behaved. These lightly traveled roads meander across small bridges and such while providing plenty of shade. I couldn’t help but think about how nice roads like these would be during the hottest parts of summer. The Rando group was also a pleasure to ride with. Watching this experienced group of Randonneurs reminded me that this sport has its own set of subtle skill sets that are slightly different from other cycling venues. To be more specific, organization, pacing, and lighting. I knew this but somehow over time and not riding many long distance rides have forgotten the importance of these skills. A great awakening. I’ll be ready for the upcoming 600K. Thank you Virginia.

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