How did I end up in this mess?

photo (10)What a difference a year can make! Last summer  I fully committed to ride in the 2015 PBP. The plan was to ride in the 2014 Summer Solstice 300K to ensure early registration.  Not only would this gain early registration I could start with a bang by riding it fast to get an idea what kind of time I might be able to do. The goal was to set a sub 60 hour PBP and, who knows, with a little luck and a year of hard training maybe even join the ranks of “La Société Charly Miller”. Things were looking good. I set a PR of 11 hours 46 minutes on the 300K. I was riding strong and had over a year to get ready for the sub 60 run. Ha! Boy was that bar set a bit high. Move forward in time, add a few real world events and a weight gain of twenty pounds and its time to ask “what in the heck happened?” Time for plan B.  After my two DNF’s, I’m thinking  Carly Fiorina has a better chance at the Presidency than I have for even a sub 90 PBP.  Worse yet, simply qualifying is now in jeopardy. At this point I should have finished the Series. Instead I’ve struggled knocking off the first three qualifying rides and have one more 600K to go. The good news is I’m getting stronger and chipping away at those pounds.  Some might ask why go through all this hassle.  The answer is easy.  I’ve been there before and  I know what I’ll miss.  See  you in Paris.

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