Where does all your junk go?

mpocketI think the Moose pockets are going to work out just fine. During today’s Century ride, getting to my stuff was a piece of cake. Compartmentalization is the key. I have pockets under the seat and pockets in the back carrier. Each pocket carries a pre-designated class of gear which saves me precious time searching for things. It all sounds rather obvious but I’m a slow learner. When I only had one storage space (no pockets), stuff was all piled into one heap. Finding things was hard enough in the daytime; but  it was especially tough to find them at night.  Separate your stuff and see if it doesn’t make things better for you.rear

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2 Responses to Where does all your junk go?

  1. xlez8057 says:

    The picture drew me in – great black and white look.
    But the moose pockets in action are pretty awesome.

    I learned the compartmentalization trick hiking with my dad in the 90s. Haven’t needed to apply it to biking in the same way tho.

    Great job.


  2. trplay says:

    Thank you.


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