I’ve seen the light

serfasAfter much anguish I have finally settled on a light system for the PBP.  There are so many choices in the Buy-o-Sphere it leaves you confounded and confused .  I finally decided to keep it simple and go with the Serfas 550.  It is a spiffy little light that produces around 550 lumens. This is more juice than I need for road riding since the light is focussed down onto the road and not fanned out to 360 degrees like many of the blinding flame throwers out there today.  In fact I will be using the lowest setting (120 Lumens) for the bulk of the ride. Another reason I chose this light is the removable batteries allow me a very light and compact solution for three and a half nights of riding.  My calculations say two extra batteries do the trick.  The photo above shows  the entire front light requirements for the ride.  I haven’t decided if I will carry a backup  AA battery light in case the Serfas malfunctions . The Serfas light has proven very durable and I believe the  risk of failure is very low; but I have the space so I probably will carry a backup.  The rear light is the time proven Cateye.  Will this do?  Guess we’ll find out soon.

pbpbikeMoose is ready.  We go fully self supported.  The two Moose pockets and Apidura saddle bag give me enough space for personal care items, water, food, tools, clothes, spares, rain gear, and a sleeping bag. There will be no drop bag at the controls .  In fact I have more  space on the bike than I need.   To keep from piling more junk on I keep telling myself this ride is nothing more than a series of short rides between controls. It is not a month  outback tour in Mongolia.  What am I missing?  Let me know.

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2 Responses to I’ve seen the light

  1. duncanwatson says:

    Bon Chance and Bon Route on PBP. Your setup looks great.


  2. trplay says:

    Thank you, yes the light set up worked very well. An extra surprise was the lights location beside the brake lever allowed me to easily and quickly change from low power to high power when I hit the descents. The extra warp power was really needed then.


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