Getting soft or getting smarter, which is it?

The Nut Roll, Pecan City Pedalers, Albany, Georgia.

The Nut Roll, Pecan City Pedalers, Albany, Georgia.

I woke up at 5 am to make the hour and a half drive drive to Albany. Saturday was the 12th annual Nut Roll bike ride and a ride I rarely miss. It was raining when I left the house and it rained the entire way to Albany. This didn’t matter to me.  I brought my rain gear and planned to ride the Century anyway. Upon arriving at Chehaw Park the start of the ride the parking attendants  promptly placed me in the middle of a mud hole. No matter, I just moved much to their disliking. Walking towards the registration area I noticed no one was smiling. Once there I noticed there were only a few riders at the pre-registration table.  There were no riders at the ride day sign-up table. In fact27521117 the staff at  this table looked very, very lonely. That’s when it hit me. All these unhappy faces are here because they already paid. I rarely do early registration. I forgo the T-shirts and lower prices of early registration because of situations just like today. But yet there I stood about to pay the premium price for the privilege of riding in unfavorable conditions. What was wrong with this picture? It didn’t take long.  An unsuccessful scan of the area for my riding buddies and I hopped in the car and had a nice drive home. I’m not sure if I’m getting smarter or simply getting soft. Probably the latter but I sure enjoyed the ride home. Hope those who braved the rain had a good ride. I’ll try again next year.

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One Response to Getting soft or getting smarter, which is it?

  1. gasman06 says:

    As you know I already bailed out due to some commitments that were arranged prior but the time shifted earlier, making it unfeasible to drive down, ride the century (I don’t do 4 hour centuries), drive back home and get where I had previously agreed to be. That said, if I had planned on going, I would have taken a look at the weather map, pulled the covers back up and gone back to sleep.
    I did do that exact thing here, except I thought the rain might stay south of the Air Force base. Started riding a bit after 0600, when I was at the apex of the loop, the rain began. Rode back in, loaded up after only 10 miles, went home and graded school work.
    As I get older Hardy, I try not to go out looking to be made uncomfortable, like riding in the rain with eyeglasses! I don’t blame you one bit.


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