Team Moose tackles the Tubeless tale

You hear it everywhere.  “Tubeless tires are simply too hard to mount and don’t hold the air once mounted.”  This is a myth and deserves four Pinocchios. But what can you do to to dispel the outright “pants on fire”  lie?  Here it is — the science is finally settled.   Here’s a  video of a tubeless road tire being mounted on a rim from start to finish by a novice.  This uncut raw video finally puts the naysayers in their place.  After all, if I can do it, anyone can.

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4 Responses to Team Moose tackles the Tubeless tale

  1. Nice work. What pump is that?


  2. Tigerpaw says:

    Ditto on the pump question.


  3. trplay says:

    That is a Bontrager TLR Flash Charger pump. Basically it has a built in manual air compressor chamber on it.


  4. Rick Harker says:

    Nicely done Henry. I recently (4 days ago) installed a Schwalbe Pro One on my rear wheel which is tubeless and everything went so smooth I thought I had dome something wrong after all the disasters I had read about. The only exception to your installation is I put the sealant in the tire well before final mounting. When it came to pumping up I had visions of furious frantic pumping with a normal track pump but it just inflated like normal. There was no leaks, no air loss and then did a 200k brevet to test it. Perfect.
    Next one will be on a regular wheel with sealing tape. That may be different.


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