Cruzbikes are Simply amazing

smileyhillvstand2The Cruzbike is truly an amazing bicycle.   The best traits are taken from the recumbent and traditional diamond frame bike designs and  blended together making it a uniquely fast, efficient, and comfortable ride.  From my optic it makes for the perfect randonneur bike.

When one first sees the unique front wheel drive moving bottom bracket associated with the Cruzbike it seems like a bit over the top.  But a closer look will reveal the genius in the design.  When the Cruzbike is parked in its self-standing mode you can easily see the  front of a cruzbike is identical to the drive train on a traditional diamond frame bicycle.   Now add a recumbent seat and a rear wheel and you get the best from both worlds.   A short chain line and stiff frame of the traditional bike and the comfort and aerodynamics of the racing recumbent.  Team Moose is on the Cruzbike train and not looking back.

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