Team Moose enters cyclings virtual reality

neoI don’t even own a cell phone so when Team Moose went whole hog into the virtual trainer cycling community, it surprised more than just a few.  Yes, we did it.  We came out from under the rock and discovered the joys of a  TACX NEO smart trainer and Zwift, a cycling app that’s darn near as fun as the real thing.   Now we can Ride-Log-and Repeat morning, noon, and night.

I won’t go into all the technical aspects of the NEO and Zwift mainly because I don’t understand half of it, but this is the short version. You can take your bike into your living room, hook it to a trainer, and ride with thousands of other riders along a variety of courses found around the world (some real and some made up).sitneo The trainer not only measures your W/Kg ratio, heart rate, cadence, etc., it is also able to adjust the resistance so you get to feel that 10% climb or descent.  But wait there’s more.  When you hit the cobblestones, wooden bridges, or rough roads, the thing will give you a realistic rumble feeling. Some will say big deal, but I have yet to see anyone fail to smile when they first experience it. The wheelsucker will really love these trainers.  When they fall inside the draft envelope of another rider, they experience the reduced workload they love so much.  How does it know?  I don’t know, but I guess thats why they call them smart trainers.

When you pair the Neo with the Zwift app, it puts you into a virtual cycling community with riders from around the world. This has opened up the sky to the possibilities.  Now you can train along side your brother/friend who is on the other side of the planet.  Cycling teams can practice race strategies or groups can just get together and ride.  If racing is your thing, Zwift is the place.  You can find a race to enter almost any hour of the day.  There are hundreds of races going on for every level of rider.  Descriptions and rules can be found HERE that give you more detail than I can.  You even get a complete leaderboard ranking at the end of the race.  Here’s another popular addition.  They add game room chat apps like Discord to the mix so they have audio between all the riders during the race/ride.  Trainers aren’t just trainers anymore; it’s so much more than this.  Check it out.  Heck, check out Team Moose and give us a thumbs up, we’re probably riding right now.2nd-5k

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