Drops me like a rock

hardysebringframedThe year 2016 was a very good year for Team Moose and 2017 is picking up right where 2016 left off.  The virtual training by Zwift is really paying off.  It has added some new paZaz into our cycling routine.  Not only has the fun factor jumped six notches it is definitely giving both of us a boost in performance. Sorry boys and girls but those of you disregarding the value of the Zwift community are really missing out.

This season started with the Sebring 12 hour race in sunny Sebring Florida.   Certainly, one of my favorites.   This is a well-done race. Not only does it have a strong showing of recumbents but the live car racing on the track adds an additional “go fast” atmosphere not found in other bike races.

Two weeks before Sebring Cruzbike diwindtunneld some wind tunnel testing on the  Vendetta and shared this data with their customers.  As a result, lots of Cruzbikes showed up with all kinds of weird looking attachments on their bikes.  We cyclists are a strange bunch. Heck, one guy showed up without any handlebars.  Sebring continues to be a Cruzbike reunion of sorts.    We saw many old friends and met new ones, and some we had only known through the internet.  I hope this Cruzbike tradition continues to flourish.  We plan on being back next year.  You can read the official Cruzbike Sebring report here and the wind tunnel testing here.

conie-lift-copy-600frameRegarding the personal side of the race, Team Moose set their Sebring goal for Ms. Daisy to get over 200 miles.   We pulled out all the stops to make this happen; and yes she did.  Perhaps the biggest ploy was switching bikes and letting her race on my Vendetta.  For all you skeptics out there, the Vendetta is truly a special bike and it is verifiably fast.  By changing bikes she was able to see an immediate increase in speed.  Oh, and now without an ounce of remorse, she can drop me like a rock.  It gets worse.  She has claimed the vendetta as hers!  I can’t even sit on it.  That is another story, so back to Sebring. Even with getting lost, crashing, and losing track of the time she crushed the 200-mile goal with 210 miles setting a course record in her age group.  Now she is talking 230three-on-threeframe+ miles for next year. Next year?  I thought this was a one time deal and then she would go back to quilting!  Two lessons learned.  One, “Sebring good.” Number two, be very, very careful to who you lend your Cruzbike out to because you might not see it again.

Moving along to this weekend. We participated in our local Biking Bleckley Metric Century along with good friend and Sebring racer Tiger Paw.  This was a fun ride and of course we were feeling  our oats and a bit froggy after Sebring so theTrio of Cruzbikes had a blast riding briskly around this years breezy course watching the diamond frame ridercruzbike3frames struggle in the wind. Even the dogs left us alone. Some days chickens; some days feathers says the fox.  So far it’s been chicken days for Team Moose.salute Keeping our fingers crossed.  In recumbentland we stand united. —-Go Cruzbike.—–

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2 Responses to Drops me like a rock

  1. Bruce Banta says:

    Sebring – amazing what can be done with a plan and a determination to excel.

    Brian McPherson has great eye for photography.


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