The esteemed Team Moose lineage goes  back to 2005.  It all started with our discovery of the joys of recumbent cycling.  A Catrike Speed to be exact. This trike quickly became La Tortue the Iron Turtle, “Greenie” for short and the slow speed high adventures began.  More Catrikes and riders quickly jumped on the band wagon.  Hence Old Yeller, a Catrike 700, and Moose, a two-wheeled Musashi, filling the stable with three Catrikes.  This   rightfully gives Team Moose riders Cat 3 status.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Todays Team riders  Ms. Daisy and Trplay spend most of their time riding the two-wheel Cruzbikes (Va Moose and CruzMoose)  but we still have a soft spot for our beloved trikes.  The team Moose Logo appropriately displays a fast-moving animal being ridden by a slow-moving reptile.  Not only does this accurately describe the Team it pays homage to our past.  On this note the observant reader might notice on occasion the Moose animated Gifs only sporting three legs.  Two front and one rear.  This is yet another salute to our fondness of the tadpole trike.

If you cross paths with us along the trail please say hello.  We would love to hear from you.


One Response to About

  1. hinterbrad says:

    I’m wondering what bars you are using on your Cruzbike Vendetta. I’m seriously considering buying one, but I HATE the stock bars. Yours look ideal. I would love to know the brand/size you are using.

    -Brad (bentrider “winded”)


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