Pop-Pop, Fizz-Fizz—-Oh what a relief—-Tubeless is

carnageIt has been over 2500 miles  since I switched to Schwalbe One Tubeless tires.  So how are they doing?  Well, my flats have been reduced significantly.  Actually they have been reduced to zero.  This is a  little tidbit I am very pleased about.  I don’t think its happenstance that Steven Abraham is currently running the Schwalbe One  Tubeless during his attempt to break the most  miles ridden in a year record.  It should make a great rando tire.  The tire is the real deal.  It rolls well, holds up great, and a tire I recommend you try.  I have more on order, not only for myself but also for Ms. Daisy.  Now there’s a pretty strong seal of approval .

photo-(47)However,  before you decide to give them a try, be warned.  Your friends and bike forum buddies are going to try and discourage you with a barrage of horror stories.  Keep in mind the vast majority of these helpful hombres have never actually touched, mounted, nor ridden on a Sparrow One.  It seems most  all of their information is obtained from a cousin or somebody living elsewhere.  Facts are it mounts as easy as a clincher once you learn how to do it and if the white sealant touches you it’s not going to bite.  Certainly it isn’t nearly as nasty as a chain tattoo or the goose poop  riders routinely run over on their bike paths.  Give  the tire a try and you decide.

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